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Docket BooksOur Guide to Docket Books:

  • Table Order Pads (TOP) and Table Allocation Pads (TAP): TOPs are generally used for taking orders from larger groups at a restaurant, and come printed with numbered guests. TAPs, on the other hand, are used by wait staff to allocate tables to customer bookings.
  • Obviously, different types of establishments have varying requirements to meet their needs. However, as a general rule:
  • Restaurants, cafés and hotels use large carbonless and carbon copy books. Check out our 22DPC and APD models.
  • Smaller takeaway establishments use medium-sized carbonless or carbon single copy dockets.
    See our FBD or BFBD books.
  • Small shops and fast food outlets use medium-sized designs. Check out our TAD model.
  • Large takeaway restaurants such as Chinese, Indian and Thai eateries use large delivery docket books. See our APD (with 22 lines) or BFBD (with 15 lines)

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