At Bencorp, we supply a large range of register rolls to suite different register requirements and individual preferences.

Our register rolls come in single ply, two ply and three ply. All together, Bencorp supplies over ten different types of register rolls. Bencorp’s great range is available for non ink ribbon printers, as well as ink ribbon printers. Bencorp has chosen to supply this range of register rolls to ensure that every register want and need is met.

Bencorp’s till rolls produce clear, readable prints, an important feature needed in register roles. Without this quality, till rolls can become difficult to read, making them almost useless. Bencorp’s till rolls are guaranteed against under sizing and inconsistency. By choosing Bencorp , you will save your printer and your business from ongoing costs that you may experience through using a lower cost product.

The differences in the grades can be explained here:

Gold Grade

  • Archive ability of 5 to 7 years
  • Tested for heat, light and moisture resistance, durability and print quality

Silver grade

  • Archive ability of up to a maximum of 2 years
  • Tested for heat, light and moisture resistance, durability and print quality

Avoid the hassles, and look into Bencorp’s supply of register rolls. For more of our register roll features, or to order register rolls, click here.

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The importance of using good quality register rolls


Register rolls are a small but integral part of every retail and hospitality business. With consumers being constantly reminded to retain their receipts as proof of purchase and for exchange or return purposes, it’s up to business owners to provide their customers with receipts that have been printed on good quality paper and that won’t fade quickly. As one of Sydney’s leading providers of hospitality supplies, Bencorp understands the importance of having register rolls that can be relied upon.

The quality of the paper is key to a good register roll. Many imported products in Australia are of poor quality, so any information printed on them often fades away after a short period of time. When good quality thermal paper is used, the details of the receipt remain clearly printed for a long time, ensuring that customers have the information they need on their receipts for as long as necessary. The size of the coil should also be considered when shopping for register rolls, as larger core can sometimes mean less paper in the roll.

At Bencorp, we are pleased to provide several types of register rolls to suit the needs of any retail or hospitality establishment. These include Single Ply Register Rolls, Single Ply Thermal Rolls, Two Ply EFTPOS Rolls and Three Ply Register Rolls. Even better, our products are guaranteed for size consistency, archival coating quality, length of the roll, stock weight, width and all the other attributes, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase our register rolls.

Don’t get caught off guard by register rolls that run out sooner than you had anticipated, or worse, find yourself facing an angry customer with an illegible receipt demanding an exchange or refund. Besides being unpleasant, incidents like these can also cost your business precious time and money. Buying good quality register rolls will not only give you peace of mind, it will free you up to focus on the other aspects of your business that truly matter.

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