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Cashbook – Business Income & Expenditure Cashbook 212


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Product Description

Taxation Recording Cashbook – part of our Zions Systems Manual Recording Books.

  • Columns headed: Date, Particulars, Folio, Bank Deposits, GST, Discounts Allowances, Customers’ Accounts, Cash Sales, Other Receipts, Date, Particulars, Cheque Or Payment No., Bank Withdrawals, GST, Cash Payments, Purchases, Wages, Rent, Delivery Vehicle Costs Travelling Expenses, Repairs Replacements Workshop Expenses, Electricity Gas Telephone, Printing Stationary Postage Advertising, Rates Insurance Interest, Private Drawings, Sundries, Totals and Forward.
  • 27 pages
  • 31 lines per page
  • Length 290mm x Width 285mm

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