Business Payments Book For GST


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Product Description

  • Taxation recording
  • Specially designed for small businesses
  • Columns headed: Name of Business, Period, Folio No., Date, Ref, Description, Chq No., Cheque Amount, Cash Amount, Card Amount, Total, Claimable Acquisitions (net of GST), Input Tax Credits Claimable, Acquisitions Related to Input Taxed Supply, GST Expense, Other Acquisitions with no GST, Wages, Owner’s Drawings, Sales Returns Rebates and Allowances, GST Payable Adjustments, Other Sundries, A/C Code, Brought Forward, Totals and Carried Forward.
  • Includes ‘Instructions for Business Payments Book’
  • 15 Record Pages
  • Made in Australia
  • Length 298mm x Width 210mm